What Remains?

what remains

Stepping into the memory garden

I chanced upon a woman.

A woman? No!

Rather a girl.

I gazed on her with vague recognition.

This fresh-faced creature, eager, passionate,

Brimming with promise, potential

and hope.


Then I peered into the pond

To ponder the woman reflected there.

So many years between that girl and I


How much failure?

How much promise unfulfilled?

How much potential untapped?

I looked and looked and looked to find

A glimpse of the girl smiling back at me.


A girl from a time, when I believed

Best is good enough, to succeed.

Same smile, same eyes, same name

Little else unchanged.

And try as I might,

I could barely see any similarity

With me.



A glimpse of something deep

Beneath the dust of decades,

Under the weight of loss and gain,

The highs and lows of joy and pain.

Faith and love and hope remain,

And these are enough.


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