Pursuing Your Purpose

pursuing your purpose

Continuing on our sojourn with purpose. Once we have established what it is and what it is not, (see my earlier blog post “Pondering Purpose“) How do we find it for ourselves? And what happens once we do? My answer to this won’t be pleasing to the young enthusiasts among you, but life has taught me that purpose is not like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Nor is it like some buried treasure that we can uncover by means of a map, the stars and a spade. Thinking about purpose in this way can, if anything, be counterproductive. We can become so caught up in the quest that we never get on with doing anything about living out our purpose.

I too once longed to know, with no uncertainty, precisely what my purpose was/is? Here’s a truth life has taught me since; purpose reveals itself as we journey through life. But to find it we must be walking on the right path. It’s no use looking for Timbuktu on the road from Lima to Machu Picchu.

Let’s look at Moses for example, few would dissent that the man who led his people out of captivity was a man of purpose. But it took almost a lifetime for him to discover it. It was only when he reconnected with who he truly was and His God, that His purpose begin unfold.

In fact, for a long while in his life, Moses had little hope of encountering his purpose. He wasn’t even on the right course to meet it. Raised with the Egyptian royals of the day, Moses’ childhood dreams of his future probably looked a lot different from how it turned out. Until one day, incensed by the injustice he witnessed against the oppressed Israelites, he murdered an Egyptian.

In that moment, albeit a heated one, he made a pivotal choice. One that placed his feet on a different road, a road into the wilderness, a road that would finally lead to his purpose.

But finding our purpose is not enough. Who would have led the Israelites to freedom had Moses heard his purpose and done nothing? Would we even even know his name today? At a point, Moses had to make another decision, to get up and get on with it.

The bottom line: Knowing your purpose is not enough.

Obvious. You’re thinking. Nothing gets done unless you get on with doing it. Yet, if truth be told, all too often when it comes to purpose, many of us fall into the trap of never actually rolling up our sleeves and living it. Sadly, people of faith are often among the worst culprits. All too often our belief in an

All too often our belief in an all-powerful God seems to lull us into inaction and we to sit back and wait for Him to work His purpose in us. In so doing, many have failed to fulfill their calling.

Let’s leave Moses for the moment and look at another great man from Israelite history, perhaps the greatest king who ever lived, David. David was still a shepherd boy when Samuel anointed him king. He could have quietly gone back to herding sheep, placing his trust in God to propel him into his purpose.

(And died yet another “could have” among all the other “should haves” in history. Instead, young as he was, he got himself to the battlefront, took on a giant and conquered him, joined Saul’s court …and the rest you can read in . Suffice it to say that the shepherd boy went on to become king.

The crux of the matter is simple. To embrace your purpose you must position yourself for it.

To Sum Up

Don’t settle for anything less than your God-given purpose. Get your feet walking along the right part and if you have ventured off inadvertently, turn back to where you started from.

Return to your source. Just keep putting one foot in front of another on the path He called you to. Seek to know God and you will know your purpose. And when you find it, grab a hold of it and live it.

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