Gracia El Mismo Que El Mar (Grace Like The Sea)

Grace Like The Sea

Grace is like the incoming tide
Every wave new,
unique unto itself
but integrally part of a vast, seething whole.
It rolls in relentlessly
Not discriminating

It covers all
Fills every cranny and nook
It’s always there.
Whether within sight
or out of reach
It continues to roar and thunder.
Footprints come and footprints leave

But it remains.
You can ignore it.
Remove yourself from it
for a season, or many.
When you return, it’s still there.
You can walk beside it, and never experience it
Or step in, as shallow or deep as you wish.
And when you finally allow it to submerge you
It is all sufficient


The fingerprint of the Creator is evident everywhere in creation. The countless stars reflect His infinity, the variety of life, His boundless creativity, the forces of nature His immense power, the consistent rising and setting of the sun, His faithfulness and the sea? To me, it speaks of His grace.

The Spanish title?

I drive to the Atlantic seaboard suburb of Sea Point twice a week for Spanish class. On this particular occasion last week I drove through a torrential downpour, poor visibility and gridlocked traffic that turned a 20-30 minute drive into an hour-long ordeal.

My first glimpse of the storm tossed ocean, brought immense relief and I felt instantly grateful for the grace that had carried me through that particular storm (and so many others I have weathered). By this time my brain had already switched from English and the words came to me Spanish.

What’s So Amazing About Grace?

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