Prayer like digging…

Sometimes prayer is like digging

Sometimes prayer is like digging for water in a dry, resistant land.

You dig and dig and dig but all  you undercover is…  more sand.

Fatigue sets in. Weariness weighs you down.

Suddenly,  water.

A trickle here, dampness there but it is enough.

It  whispers a promise. “What you seek is here. Keep digging.”

Hope renewed, you muster your flagging will and continue.  Spadeful after spadeful yielding nothing but dusty earth. Arm-numbing fatigue but desperate for breakthrough,. With no other hope of help, you persist.

To whom else can we go?

So you go on.. digging, digging, digging. Desperately clinging to hope. Voices around and inside you are urging, “Give up… Give up…”

Sometimes, (what grace) others dig alongside. Their presence invigorates your bone-weary hope.

So it goes on and on and on. Spadeful after spadeful of dry, lifeless sand.

Then.. that moment . Water wells up.

You hold your breath. Waiting… Afraid to believe.

Can it be? Can it be? Will it last?

Digging frantically now. Water pouring in, filling and overflowing.

Stop digging! Give thanks.

Then the realization.  Your answer was lying in wait all along! Waiting only for you to reach it.

Keep digging… don’t give up! Never give up!

Keep praying… your miracle is waiting.


Born to fly

The hadada ibis chick in my garden is getting ready to fly. The sole surviving hatchling after his sibling eggs were blown to the ground in a storm, his arrival surprised and delighted us (we had supposed the whole brood was lost).

In the three-plus weeks since he emerged from his shelled incubator, the hadada’s world has been confined to a single branch on a tree from where he has watched our comings and goings, tilting his head to follow me with his eyes as I tend the rabbits. And we, in turn, have watched him grow from feathery babyhood to the size-able fellow that he is now.

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The Difference Knowing Makes

In concluding my post on Getting to Know Him, I stated that “Knowing Him makes ALL the difference.”

Bold? Perhaps.

Overstated? Decidedly not.

Skeptical that knowing a spiritual God could possibly make a difference in your everyday, practical, earthbound life?

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Getting To Know Him

If, like me, you find too much evidence of order and logic and wonder in this universe, to accept that life accidentally emerged from chaos, then, like me, you probably believe in or, at the very least, acknowledge the existence of a Creator. However, acknowledging the existence of God, is not the same as knowing Him. It is the latter which I aim to explore in this post.

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Lessons from Nature

It’s winter in my home town, Cape Town, at present. Walking my two German Shepherd dogs on the mountain trails, I am fortunate enough to witness firsthand, nature in all her fury and finery. We have just endured a long drought on this piece of the planet. Water is a rare and precious commodity on the Southern tip of Africa and with even less rainfall than usual over the past eighteen months, I have watched the riverbeds dry out, the ravines turn to mud and then dry sand and the dogs have relied on me carrying water for them.

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