To be honest, even at 56, I still am not sure what it’s all about. In fact, it’s possible that I know less of what life is about now than I did at 16. What I have done in the years between though, is live it. And, essentially that’s what my writing is about. It’s about life and my own experience of this universal but essentially individual and personal thing of “being”.

As a woman, I am keenly aware that my experience is common to so many. Even the individual I am is the sum of so much that has gone before. The cocktail of challenges, joys, failures, successes, losses and gains that make up my life may be a unique mix and yet individually each element is common to countless others.

There is a strange comfort in that. In knowing that while my experience is entirely personal to me, I am not alone with it. Others have walked this journey before me, many surround me walking it now, and still others will follow. That, in the words of one of the wise old nuns who educated, in a nutshell, is why I write.

As for what I write… if you are looking for answers to life’s questions, read no further. (I can’t pass on what I don’t have.)

I Write:

About lessons learned (and those I wish I had learnt).

About challenges faced and overcome (and others I have run from).

About faith and, all too often, the lack of it.

About me.

In a letter to the Hebrew believers, the author (most likely Paul, although this is disputed)  writes that we who are in the midst of running this race, should take courage and be spurred on to persevere by the great cloud of witnesses surrounding us. (Hebrews 12:1)

In essence that is why I write… in the hope that by sharing I may encourage even just one other, to run with endurance and finish well.