The Difference Knowing Makes

In concluding my post on Getting to Know Him, I stated that “Knowing Him makes ALL the difference.”

Bold? Perhaps.

Overstated? Decidedly not.

Skeptical that knowing a spiritual God could possibly make a difference in your everyday, practical, earthbound life?

Let’s take a look at some ordinary, earthbound people and the difference knowing God could/would have made in their circumstances.

Take Eve, for example. A good place to start, since most beginnings start with a mother.

Wait a minute! If anyone knew God, surely Eve did? After all, she and Adam walked with Him, talked with Him. FOR REAL!

Sure… Eve knew about God but, I propose that she did not KNOW Him.

Still doubtful?

Let’s examine the facts of that well-worn account in Genesis 3.

A question is posed. “Has God indeed said, ‘You shall not eat of every tree of the garden’?” (Genesis 3:3)

Eve’s interest is piqued. A dilemma is raised. Believe God? Believe the Serpent?

Surprise! Surprise! The woman chooses to trust her own perception. She saw the fruit. It looked good. She ate.

And with that seemingly trivial choice, paradise was lost.

I suggest that this dire consequence could have been avoided had Eve truly known God. Her knowledge of one singular God characteristic would/could have stopped the conversation before it began.


Don’t believe me? Take His word for it.

Numbers 23:19 NKJV 19 “God is not a man, that He should lie…

That is an undeniable truth about God and it’s a truth that changes everything.

It means that when, like Eve, I hear conflicting reports, I know who to believe.

It means that when circumstances seemingly threaten to derail His promise, I know the promise will prevail.

It means that when I am assailed by doubt, I know where to place my trust.

Because I know Him.

And “Knowing Him makes ALL the difference.”


Getting To Know Him

If, like me, you find too much evidence of order and logic and wonder in this universe, to accept that life accidentally emerged from chaos, then, like me, you probably believe in or, at the very least, acknowledge the existence of a Creator. However, acknowledging the existence of God, is not the same as knowing Him. It is the latter which I aim to explore in this post.

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Just Do It!

Monday January 16 2017. I climb into my car and drive against the chaos that is homecoming traffic, heading to Spanish class in Sea Point. School has just reopened after Christmas break. It’s the end of yet another glorious Cape Town summer day and holiday makers and residents alike, people the promenade in droves, determined to enjoy the last glow of sunlight as night beckons.

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I have known for some time that there are hawks on the meadow. Some days I would hear a distinct cry from the tree tops and occasionally, be blessed with a rare glimpse. A solitary raptor returning from the hunt. The sudden, silent spreading of wings in hasty ascent as I turned a corner between the trees.

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What Remains?

Stepping into the memory garden

I chanced upon a woman.

A woman? No!

Rather a girl.

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